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Kanban on the strategic level, by Kanbanize mates.

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Hi mates,

Kanbanize will sponsor the next AOS on July 11th-12th. Taking advantage of their visit, they offer us to share with us on 10th about Portfolio Kanban! Thanks Kanbanize! :D

Following you can found the description of the meetup:

"The rivalry between Scrum and Kanban has found a peaceful resolution on a higher level. When we scale a method, we aim to take the benefits it provides to a team on a strategic level. If your agile teams are performing great but the company goals somehow get behind schedule, Portfolio Kanban will show you how to align them with daily tasks.

We will discuss in practice how to scale team Kanban and turn the whole organization in a Lean machine. For those interested in tools supporting such transformation, it will be interesting to see how Kanbanize adds value and optimizes the process on a strategic and operational level. We'll go through the best practices for successful Portfolio Kanban implementations, explore the difficulties you may encounter and discuss use cases. "