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Instant apps: Not installing apps is the new kid in class

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Have you ever doubted about installing an app? Are you sure you will use it? Will you like it? These are some of the questions our users make when they are about to install our app. Instant apps are intended to reduce this friction for the users.

In this talk we will review some of the most attractive functionalities that instant apps offers and the experience of applying them to a real world application. We will highlight some of the configurations needed to complete the modularization and we will discuss what the instant apps means from the developers point of view.


David Torralbo is part of the Android team in eDreams since 2 years ago, with 10+ years of experience in both sides backend and frontend of the development of mobile solutions for the users, from the vintage premium sms services until current android apps. Lover of innovation has focused the last 6 months on researching the Instant Apps for eDreams and how to apply them to a real world application.