The SDG Meetup: Fake news, echo-chambers and how to stop them

Barcelona International Development Professionals
Barcelona International Development Professionals
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L'Antic del Born

Plaça Comercial 11 (El Born) · Barcelona

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Dear friends,

This month, we will talk about fake news, echo-chambers, and dishonesty in the online public space with our guest speaker Laia Ros.

Lies have always existed, but they spread faster through the Internet. There are different ways disinformation gets to us, provided by emitters with different intentions, and we have to always keep a critical eye to prevent being fooled. Also, since each of us has their own prejudices and our own ideology, our "echo chamber" tricks us into believing stories that fit into our conception of the world without second-guessing them as much, and we share these messages without having properly checked if they are true or not. Therefore, if we want to stop fake news from spreading, we have to start checking what content we share.

Laia Ros is a journalist, photographer and videographer. She is currently working as a multimedia journalist for Junior Report, a medium that aims to bring news to teenagers in a current and appealing way, and teaches innovative storytelling approaches in the Catalan Press Association. Laia also worked for NUSHU, a journalistic transmedia experience for children through AR and VR platforms. She has been an intern at the BBC thanks to the Work Experience program and at the Europa Press Spanish agency.

Following the presentation we will continue the conversation about this and other topics over drinks in our favorite bar in El Born.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Kind regards,


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