WP as Application Platform: sending mailings

Barcelona WordPress Meetup (EN)
Barcelona WordPress Meetup (EN)
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Hello dear WordPress users in and around Barcelona,

This Meetup we talk about WordPress as Application Platform: sending mailings.

!! When you RSVP, you need to reserve your seat here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/barcelona-wordpress-meetup-en-wp-as-application-platform-mailings-registration-52491574713

What will this Meetup all about? A lot :)
1/ We have Kim coming over from www.mailpoet.com. Kim is the owner of a useful plugin to organise mailings in your WordPress Application. We take a closer look to mailings as 1 of the many functions you can setup in your WordPress Application. We will discuss also a broader view on the WP plugin & theme landscape. Dos & Don'ts.

2/ Mailpoet gives you a nice discount in case you might consider to use the plugin for your project.

3/ From one of the best & biggest CSS & JS conference in Europe we partner with, we have a permanent discount code for you if you want to attend a conference. All info about this on the Meetup!

4/ We are so thankful the BCNewt Coworking want to host us. To give something back, when you are a member of this coworking space, you can attend the Meetup for free. You receive your discount code from Gustavo shortly!

5/ Follow us on our new https://twitter.com/wpbcn_en

6/ We have also a new logo! :) You can see it on the twitter account. You will find this logo too to find us at the co-working.

7/ A thank you for Michael to have run this Meetup until now!

8/ A new date for the next Meetup.

What's the aim of the Meetup?
You can come as newbie to learn, you can come as an expert to teach or help us. Everyone is welcome.
This Meetup now focuses on WordPress as Application. The next Meetup will be a Helpdesk and Q&A.

Why cost the Meetup €6.5?
- It guarantees the seat you RSVP for
- We offer drinks and (healthy) snacks
- Money left is offered to the Coworking to cover their costs

Greats, Kristof