BarcelonaJS February 2018

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First meetup of 2018! We're going to have 3 talks this time and some GraphQl overdose!
Big thanks to for helping with the speakers!

Michal Sänger (Fullstack JS Developer @
How we started with GraphQL on top of our REST API

GraphQL is a great technology, but you can’t stop all the development everytime you spotted something cool on Twitter. Learn how to start using GraphQL when you already have a REST API and how to run production-ready GraphQL without a need for new servers.


Aliaksei Aliakseyeu (JavaScript Developer @
Relay Modern: architecture and workflow

Facebook open sourced Relay quite long ago and it was changed a lot since then. We chose Relay (Modern) as a GraphQL client for one of our latest projects and it works well so far. Learn the essential concepts of Relay, understand its pros and cons and decide whether it may fit your next stack.


Yuri Yakovlev (Fullstack JS Developer @
Apollo. The client we deserved

Apollo Client is a community-driven, powerful and flexible GraphQL client which brings an entire new world of data management to your applications. Let's talk about its cons and pros and compare to Facebook’s Relay Modern.


After the talks stay with us for water/beers and networking! It is as important and interesting as the talks!

Are you interested in giving a talk or have a question? Feel free to comment or shoot a meetup message to the organizers.

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