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Machine Learning: fun example and Top 10 musts

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Para empezar bien este 2019 os traemos a uno de nuestros mejores Data Scientist de Europa!
(sesiones en Inglés)

No te lo puedes perder si te interesa todo lo relacionado con AI/ Machine Learning/Deep Learning en el marco de las tecnologías Open Source!

** IMPORTANTE, no te olvides de traer tu DNI u otro documento identificativo para poder acceder por el control de seguridad

** 18:30 – 18:45. "Intro y bienvenida" – Victoria Gómez, IBM Big Data sales leader para Europa

** 18:45 - 20:15. Willem Hendriks - IBM Data Scientist

"Automated Christmas Dinner"
Willem will explain some Machine Learning basics and demo a few open-source Automated Machine Learning packages, and going to share my findings and apply them to find the best recipe.

"The What-We-Learned in Machine-Learning top 10 for 2018"
We are sure everybody has learned something interesting in 2018 - a model, package, tool, or an interesting paper. Let's talk about our favorites and come up with a top 10 ML things-we-learned in 2018.
Can be tools/packages/papers/models!
To kick-start, Willem will share his personal top 10.

** 20:15 - 20:45 - Pizzas y networking