Animations in Swift vs React Native & 7 stages of Unit Testing

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Brooklyn iOS & Swift Developers
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Take the elevator to the 3rd floor!

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We have two amazing speakers visiting NYC in early July and could not pass up the opportunity to host them giving talks at the Brooklyn Swift meet-up.

Work & Co will be welcoming Brooklyn Swift back for our July event! Please arrive at 231 Front Street in Dumbo and take the elevator to the 3rd Floor.

Food and drink will be provided.

SPOT 1 - Jorge Ortiz Fuentes: 7 stages of Unit Testing

Jorge Ortiz Fluentes is a freelance engineer dedicated to mobile development, security, and systems architecture. His experience spans work at M.I.T., HP and several prestigious engineering boot camps across Europe & North America. His recent focus has been on building Canonical Examples an online coding tutorial platform aimed at helping junior developers to take a step forward, becoming more senior in a very demanding market.

Jorge will present the "7 Stages of Unit Testing", where he will walk through his defined stages of introducing unit tests into a Swift application. The talk will be friendly to those new to unit testing and experienced veterans, including advice to improve coverage and a demo of a fully tested project following his 7 stages.

SPOT 2 - Flavio Caetano: Animations in Swift vs React Native

Flavio Caetano is a Senior Developer at Work & Co. Since entering the tech world, Flavio has shipped over 15 apps. Specializing in iOS development, he’s a thought leader known for publishing articles and creating open source tools. He began working with React Native while partnering with Gol, one of the largest airlines in Brazil. His work has also included high-profile engagements with Panera Bread and Equinox.

Flavio's talk will compare implementing animations in React Native vs Swift with a focus on motion and how to achieve some non-obvious animations in both.