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DIY RoR - Dockerize It Yourself Ruby on Rails

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For February's event Esteban we talk to us about his experiences with Docker and Rails. The talk will be in Spanish and start at 19:20

Following November's reboot, we've averaged 20 people at each meetup in December and January too. Come along and find out what others are working on, ask those silly questions about your own ruby projects, or arrange a session to collaborate with another rubyist.

We're a growing community, and are pleased to be collaborating with Andalucía's other ruby groups, for a joint platform to represent us all. Please add your own profile at:

There's room for another talk. If you'd like any help putting one together then please do get in touch. A ruby aspect is nice, but not essential.

Other events, jobs, and searching for work announcements are also welcome.

We are very happy for Codespace Academy to be sponsoring our venue this month.

Muchas gracias and see you on Tuesday, 26th February at 1900!

As always, after the talk we will proceed to attack the already famous beer cooler of Codespace Academy .... !!!