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Meeting number 2!

This will be more of a classroom-style meetup at the Cowichan Regional Library (Duncan, British Columbia).

We'll be following WordPress Manchester's example and starting off with a 30 minute "Help Desk". We'll help each other out with whatever WordPress-related thing we're working on. Come with a question in mind like "how do you do this..." and "can you tell me what you think of this thing I made?"

Afterwards, our own Michael Nelson will be giving us a 30-minute presentation on "Things You're Assumed to Know About Plugins (But Probably Don't)". Michael has been making a living writing plugins for Event Espresso since 2012, and hopes to answer these questions concerning plugins:

what are WordPress plugins?
where do you find plugins?
how do you use plugins?
how are plugins different from themes and "WordPress core"?
how can you keep plugins secure?
how can you get help with plugins?
how much do plugins cost?
who makes plugins and why?

Afterwards, we'll have 30 minutes to ask questions about the topic and catch up.

Please register on our website (http://wpcowichan.org/blog/events/help-desk-meetup/) if you didn't register on the website for the previous event. The questionnaire helps us identify attendees needs and interests. Otherwise, just mark yourself as attending on meetu.com.


• Important to know
WordPress users of all levels of experience welcome (including those who don't actually use WordPress... so everyone...)