.NET Core and Azure without credentials? Impossible is nothing!


A common challenge when building cloud applications is how to manage the credentials in your code on order to connect to cloud services. In this session we'll explore how can you keep you credentials safe and how can you work without saving those credentials in the developers machines and therefore avoid an accidental upload to source control.

Discover Managed Identities, a feature that let's you authenticate to any service that supports Azure AD authentication, including Azure Key Vault, without any credentials in your .NET, Java or Golang code or configuration!!

Carlos Mendible
Azure Evangelist y Microsoft MVP Azure y Developer Technologies con más de 20 años de experiencia en tecnologías Microsoft. Actualmente centra sus esfuerzos en soluciones basadas en Azure y .NET Core

Aurora Macías
Arquitecto cloud (Microsoft Azure), y estudiante de doctorado en Tecnologías Informáticas Avanzadas con foco en arquitecturas cloud/fog, basadas en microservicios, y serverless para sistemas IoT