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Audiovisual Intro: screening of "I Tweet"

We will share an amazing short fiction story: I Tweet, directed by Mario Parruccini. We are sure you are going to love it. This is a short film in English, with Spanish subtitles.

Afterwards, there will be a Q&A with lead actors Claire Duncan, Jaime Keohane, Chanel Price, Doug Barron; Art Director/Wardrobe Natalie Romero, and Producer Fabian Zarta.

The whole event is going to be amazing, with a bilingual start during the short film screening and the first guest in both English and Spanish. Later, the readings will be completely in Spanish. You will be able to buy art, books (new and used at very affordable prices) in both languages, and also original films in DVD format (for just 2$).

This is the link to the FB event in Spanish, to join and share:

This is the second edition of this event in which are presenting books in Spanish about different thematics and also several different genres: poetry, novel, short tales, essay, illustrated books and more.

This event will also have the Audiovisual Intro, art exhibition and nice live music environment.

This is a FREE event with FREE appetizers.

An interesting event at an amazing place:
Spanish Benevolent Society.
239 West 14th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues)
TUESDAY, July 5th at 7 pm
Very close to A, C and E trains (14 Street), to L train (8th ave.) or 1, 2 y 3 trains (14 street)

Audiovisual Intro:

We will share you an amazing short fiction story: I Tweet. We are sure you are going to love it. Then, there is going to be a Q&A with part of the team:

The participants of the rest of the night:
Jon Liecthy
Sebastián Moscoso

Joyce Espinoza
Robert Gutiérrez Currás
Miguel Puga
Antonio Zaballos
Ricardo Chancafe
Juan Navidad

María Palitachi
Tomás Modesto Galán
César Augusto Quiroz
Amparo Toro
Luis Elías Giordano
Guillermo Ospina
Linda Morales Caballero
Jaime Iván
Stefan Antonmattei
Manuel Darío
Tonia León
José Miguel de la Rosa
Luisa Aguado
Massiel Alvarez
Enmanuel Peralta
Joyce Sánchez Espinosa
Yrene Santos
Pilar González
Isbel G.

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