II Meetup: Kubernetes 101

DevOps Zaragoza
DevOps Zaragoza
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* 19:00: Presentation
* 19:15 Kubernetes 101: First session
* 20:05 Kubernetes 101: Second session
* 21:00 Networking and beers (courtesy of sponsors)


If you haven’t been living under a rock the last 4 years, you have heard discussions about Linux containers, Docker, microservices design, Kubernetes… the hottest topics in IT. Want to join the container revolution? In our Kubernetes 101 session we will untangle this web of concepts for you.

You will learn how to:

* Deploy a Kubernetes cluster, single node or multi node
* Deploy your own containerized application stacks
* Make these Kubernetes stacks available to the outside world
* Manage the persistent state of these application using data volumes and configuration keys
* Configure for maintenance and performance: load balancers, scalability, resource quotas
And much more!

Theory will go hand in hand with live examples, because learning by example is the best way to learn.

Featured Speakers:

Fede Barcelona

Fede is a college student and cloud-native integrations engineer, sitting between the container infrastructure and programming worlds, he uses Go, Python and C++ to integrate the neverending stream of new awesome DevOps / Container technologies.

Currently, he is part of the Sysdig team, and in the past was an integration developer at Alerce, while he's finishing his studies at the university.

Always willing to learn new things in this hectic technology space, he also loves watching horror films, anime and traveling to discover new places.

Mateo Burillo

Mateo greatly enjoys tinkering with container technologies, creating homebrew lab environments, and the perpetual newbie feeling of this fast moving world of tech.

He spends most of the day getting in the shoes of the user at many different levels: user interface, task automation, proper documentation and error handling, code examples, and dissecting deep technical concepts for the newcomers. All his former job positions revolve around the confluence of humans and technology, having worked as Evangelist, Project manager and pre-sales engineer.

Relevant experience:

* Currently working for Sysdig playing with Kubernetes and writing about it: https://sysdig.com/?s=Mateo+Burillo
* I’ve been featured in the the Kubeweekly newsletter a few times: https://kubeweekly.com/?s=mateo+burillo&submit=Search
* I’ve spoken at a few Meetups (video of this one @ Docker Meetup Madrid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg7aiQn14ag)

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