Full Day Free Apache Cassandra and Kafka Workshop


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Instaclustr is organising a one-day workshop tying Apache Cassandra and Kafka together using elegant and simple design patterns which you might find useful as a starting point for solving similar scenarios
in your organisation.

The workshop will include fundamentals of Cassandra and Kafka, an overview of their respective architectures and their practical usage. It will include hands-on exercise to create Cassandra and Kafka clusters and develop an event-based application to use both the technologies elegantly.

Apache Cassandra is a highly available, linearly scalable, fault-tolerant database that can offer extremely high throughput and low latency. It has now become the de-facto choice for applications that demand high availability, fault-tolerance, and performance.

Apache Kafka is another open-source technology that is linearly scalable, distributed and highly-available and has been successfully proven by some of the biggest tech names in the world.

To register for a seat for the 1-day workshop, you must register/RSVP on http://bit.ly/MadridWorkshop2019