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Hi all,

Winter has leaved us, and spring is here with not only two, with three!!!!!!!! awesome great talks delivered by Xavi, Enric and Ivan Attendees hold your trousers tight because this meetup will be incredible. This time the meetup will take place at the Infojob's ( offices, who kindly has ceded its facilities.

We have no get nuts doing 3 talks. This meetup will have a format of short talks that will last between 15-20 minutes.

• Docker & Go: A love story by Xavi Soler @xavi_xsb (

We will talk about lots of apparently unrelated things. From explaining "why Docker choose Go as a language" to "how to use Docker for Go development". Both Docker and Go communities are responsible for creating a perfect ecosystem for using and implementing distributed systems. Go is the default modern language for systems programming and Docker provides the correct abstractions for running applications at scale.

• Golang gotchas by Enric Lluelle @enriclluelles (

Some common misconceptions, odd things and right straight WTFs of the Go programming language. We will show some examples and discuss about them with the audience.

• My tools for Gophers by Ivan Danyliuk @idanyliuk (

I will share some of my tools written in Go for Go developers, which hopefully can make our codebases less buggy, more consistent and our everyday work more pleasant