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We're preparing a lightning talk session for this meetup!

We'd like you to talk 5 minutes max about anything you want: projects, ideas, proposals, tips & tricks, tools... whatever you like related with go.

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Current talks:

- Gustavo Chaín on context.Context and how to use it.

More info:

- Xavi Soler on Dog:

Define and execute tasks with Dog and the Dogfile Spec. Software projects often have a list of automated tasks that are necessary for the project to be useful: build steps, tests, deploy scripts, config management and cloud automation tools. We are trying to create a specification to describe automated tasks (Dogfile) and an ecosystem of tools built on top of it, starting with a simple command line interface (Dog). More info:

- Gonzalo Serrano on gRPC:

gRPC is a high performant RPC framework by Google which uses protocol buffers to define the message types and uses HTTP2 behind the scenes.
Lets try to implement a very simple microservice in Go and do some calls from a PHP client.
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- Albert Puigsech on seekret:

Prevent secret leakage on GitHub (and others)
More info:

- Aitor Guevara on New Relic's Go agent:

New Relic is a SaaS-based application performance monitoring service.
With its newly released Go agent, it gives you production-level visibility for your Go services. Let's have a look at New Relic + Go in action!

More info:

- Adrià Massanet on GoPad.

- Ivan Danyliuk on Quick overview of Go 1.7 features and changes.

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