Las Empas - Spanish/English Intercambio

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This is going to be our regular venue now thanks to "Dag" at Las Empas who has agreed to host us every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm. The unique combination of Argentinian Empanadas and Belgum Beers has our hearts. Not to mention out UK favourite drink "Stella Artois" on tap!

Our rules are simple!

1. Be punctual in order to get a seat at the main table.

2. We speak 10 mins Spanish starting on the hour then change to English every 10 minutes for the first hour extending this to 15 minutes per language in the second hour. However the more we drink the more we want to practice our second language!

3. Don't forget and try to pay your bill as you go in order to keep it simple for the bar staff.

4. And always have a good time and plenty of fun!

Looking forward to seeing you every Thursday at this fab location.