Venir a tomar algo en Bar/ Terraza Collins y hablamos en Inglés (y Español..)

La Cordobesa: FREE ENGLISH/ SPANISH language exchange
La Cordobesa: FREE ENGLISH/ SPANISH language exchange
Grupo público

Terraza Collins

C/Cuesta de Caños Viejos 3 Metro La Latina · Madrid

Cómo encontrarnos

Metro Tirso de Molina (Línea 1) o Metro La Latina (Línea 5)

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The time is right to discover a cosy and friendly place in Madrid.

The place in question can be found next to the ‘Viaducto de Segovia’ and close to the Palacio Real (Royal Palace). This place is the ‘Terraza Collins’, and it is where we Meet Up!

Terraza Collins specialises in cocktails, Gin & tonics, and many other drinks to suit most tastes. They can even give you tips on how to make these cocktails!

Nonetheless, the purpose of this Meet Up is to practice your English (and Spanish!) and have a lot of fun as you do so! Some pointers on how this Meet Up works:

We normally switch between English and Spanish; 15 minutes speaking one, and then 15 minutes speaking the other, and so on. We switch back and forth between English and Spanish. This allows non-native English speakers to practice English, and non-native Spanish speakers to practice Spanish!

As an alternative, if everyone at a table wishes to speak only in English, and if the whole table is in agreement, then that group can speak in English the whole time!

Finally, if everyone at a table wishes to have an intensive Spanish session and speak only in Spanish, then as long as everyone in the group is in agreement, they can speak in Spanish the whole time.

We are a popular group formed of many participants, with many different expectations. I’ll do my very best to accommodate everybody and to ensure that all of their expectations are met.

The foremost aim of these meetings is for everybody to have fun, to feel relaxed, in a pleasant environment and in beautiful surroundings, and to practice their language of choice.

Please remember: this Meet Up is FREE OF CHARGE! You pay absolutely nothing! Except for any drinks and food that you order.

Please also remember to sign up for this Meet Up.

Whenever I communicate any news, or announcements, updates, etc, I do them in this new Meet Up.

I hope to see you all there.