Integrating VAULT and KUBERNETES apps - No code changes needed!

Madrid HashiCorp User Group
Madrid HashiCorp User Group
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Hello everyone,

We are very happy to invite you to our first Vault event!

Integrating HashiCorp Vault and k8s apps - no code changes needed!

HashiCorp Vault allows shifting the way we work with secrets from static to a dynamic paradigm. The lifecycle of the secret in those two paradigms is different which brings new challenges:

* How do you authenticate apps in Vault?
* How do you get an initial token?
* How to read secrets from Vault?
* How to keep token and secrets renewed?
* How and when revoke token and secrets?

That seems to be very different from typical 12-factor apps setup when an app would simply read configuration and secrets from environment variables, isn't it? Should you do a library to encapsulate this logic? Or is there an SDK available?

Good news - there is a way to address all questions above for k8s apps with very little or no code changes at all!

During this presentation, we will go through the setup in nitty-gritty details of implementation so you can repeat the same steps at home/work.

About the amazing speaker:

Andrey Devyatkin is a long time Continuous Delivery enthusiast and public speaker passionate about software development processes automation. During the years, Andrey has worked as a software developer, build and release engineer, SRE, architect for Continuous Integration and Delivery infrastructure for companies such as Ericsson, Praqma, AtlasCopco, Volvo Trucks to name a few. Currently, Andrey works as a Senior Systems Engineer at Hippo Technologies where he leads Systems Engineering and Infrastructure team.
In his free time, Andrey serves as an organiser at HashiCorp User Group Stockholm and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jenkins User Group Stockholm, CloudNative Las Palmas de Gran Canaria meetup group.

The event will be held at Geoblink Offices, Glorieta de Quevedo, 6. Big thanks to Geoblink for letting us host our Meetup in their office and also for providing drinks!. You can find more information about them at

We look forward to seeing you at this amazing event!
HUG Mad Team