Design Principles for an Event Driven Architecture/Streaming with KSQL

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Join us for an Apache Kafka meetup on Thursday, October 24th in Madrid, kindly hosted by our friends at ING. The address, agenda and speaker information can be found below. Enjoy a some great tech talks, snacks, drinks and the chance to win raffle prizes/giveaways. See you there!


6:30 pm-6:45 pm: Doors Open and warm welcome with drinks

6:45 pm - 7:30pm: Luis García Castro, Information Architecture Expert Lead, ING and Pablo Ruiz, Information Architect, ING

7:30pm - 8:15 pm: Rubén Terceño, Systems Engineer Manager South EMEA, Confluent and Sergio Duran, Systems Engineer, Confluent

8:15pm - 9:00pm: Additional Q&A and Networking + drinks + snacks

First Talk:
Luis García Castro, Information Architecture Expert Lead, ING and Pablo Ruiz, Information Architect, ING

Title of the Talk:
Design Principles for an Event Driven Architecture

There is a perfect pairing between microservice-based architectures, Domain Driven Design (DDD) and event-driven architectures. In this talk we will review what design principles are the catalyst for this symbiosis as well as practical examples in different areas including governance. Many business use cases can be articulated on top of these principles, abstracting them from both complexity and variability in the technological stack. As a good part of the audience will already be dealing with events and microservices, we will also explain other key concepts:

- Designing a future-proof event taxonomy.
- Strategies for event enrichment
- Managing correlation or inference of events.
- Benefits from an event schema registry using for example Apache Avro.
- Traceability of events by design.
- Data conciliation patterns, and when to avoid it.

Luis Garcia Castro is a Software Architect, FOSS advocate and Agile evangelist habituated to lead and coordinate development teams for various environments. Since July 2019 he leads the Information Architecture department in Maggie, an international program in ING meant to provide a complete best-in-class international banking platform for several countries including Spain, France, Italy and Czech Republic. He has been involved in the project since its beginning a few years ago.

As information architect Pablo Ruiz´s responsibilities go from the definition of the data architecture for the new ING platform to the integration with other global components and programs including trending topics like GDPR, KYC, regulatory reporting, data quality, data governance, data modeling, etc.
Second Talk:
Rubén Terceño, Systems Engineer Manager South EMEA, Confluent

Title of the Talk:
Democratising streaming applications with KSQL

Event driven applications are great but could be hard. On top of the design (and mental) shift there is the necessity of learning new languages to express streaming concepts that were non-existent before.

KSQL provides a simple yet powerful language to build streaming applications, lowering the access bar and empowering a wider population to understand, design and execute their real-time applications.

Rubén is a Systems Engineering Manager at Confluent. On his current position, he helps customers across EMEA to get the maximum value from their event driven applications.

( or twitter (@rubenTerceno)
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