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Like it or not, Frontend Developers need to know so much:

- HTM5 / CSS / JS

- Web Performance Optimization

- Responsive Development and Design

- Frontend Architecture, Testing, Tooling

- and much more.

It's hard to keep track of everything by yourself. Join us and let's learn new things together in the friendly atmosphere!

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Munich Frontend Developers Meetup

SAP Hybris

Welcome to Fronted Developers Meetup Autumn edition! This time we will be hosted by awesome guys from SAP CX • Doors open at 18:30 and we start with soft drinks, beer and food • Talks start at 19:00 • Michael Hoffmann "How I Set Up A New Angular Project" Abstract: In this talk I want to present you some libraries and architectural decisions I use for new Angular projects. Some of the topics can also be adopted to other frontend frameworks so it is also interesting for non-Angular developers. • Miren Urteaga Aldalur Title: How a voice assistant works This talk will focus on the technologies needed to build a voice assistant. It will keep as center point Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby, which is available in 8 languages across the world (5 EU languages) in a variety of Samsung mobile phones. First an overview of the needed infrastructure and the challenges regarding user education will be presented. Then, the talk will offer an overview of the technologies needed in a voice assistant: 1. Automatic Speech Recognition: how a sound wave is transcribed into words 2. Natural Language Understanding: extraction of meaning from a sentence 3. Natural Language Generation: response generation 4. Text To Speech: speech synthesis During the talk the new Bixby IDE will also be presented, with which any developer can create a “voice capsule” that processes natural language to send/retrieve information from their API. Bixby Developers site: https://bixbydevelopers.com/ • Slots for lightning talks 5mins are open • from 20:30 Networking See you there!

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Munich Frontend Developers Meetup Autumn Edition

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