Yin Yang Yoga with Massage balls /All levels, with Sean


This class combines a “Yang” vinyasa flow to improve strength and the flexibility of the shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings and many other parts of the body. The class is followed by a quiet and cooling “Yin” practice. Yin postures are held longer which will help us stretch out the soft tissues of the body and cultivate a meditative mindset. Any level of flexibility can be trained during this class which includes massage balls to relief tissues, removing physical stress and tension.
Born in Indonesia, Sean grew up most of his life in California before moving to the Netherlands to study business and living now in Barcelona for already more than 10 years. After experiencing how much yoga has helped him personally as well as professionally, Sean decided to become a yoga teacher in order to help others to understand the benefits of yoga and to incorporate it in to their busy lives for personal growth and a healthier lifestyle.
Booking : Please use Mindbody App on our website www.myogastudio.es to facilitate your reservation or sign up directly at the studio ! Pricing on our website, 15 EURO unlimited yoga for 2 weeks for new students as welcome offer!

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