Contributing Scala OSS in Hacktoberfest

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Scala Developers Barcelona
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Hi community !!!

Note in your calendar this date: Next Monday 21th October

From ScalaBcn, we will be collaborating with the Hacktoberfest which is a global 1-month event focused on promoting OSS (Open Source Software).

This event will aim to introduce to everyone the Scala community through contributing to a friendly-beginner libraries which want to participate in the Hacktoberfest. We will try to search for a list of Scala contributions which could be a good entrypoint.

18:30 - Welcome
18:40 - Intro to open source & how to contribute By Sw developer (Scala/Java) @ Lightbend Ignasi Marimon
19:00 - Hack time!
20:30 / 21h - End

We aim to encourage people contribute to the opensource ecosystem, and more specific in Scala community, both for beginners and veterans, so everyone are very welcome.


* you will need to come with your own laptop.
* lot of desire to learn.

Venue pending to be defined.

More info about Hacktoberfest visit the website ( ).

Thanks for JUG to inspire us to write this text 😊