WordPress BBQ & Lightning talk 🍻

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In this time, our speaker is EVERYONE!!!
Let's enjoy making a BBQ and meeting WordPress friends in beautiful art coworking & coliving space in Birgu!


<< Venue & BBQ >>

Name: CoCoHub Malta
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/MdXtVBrahzJ2
Fee: 5EUR
- Snack & meat are included.
- Venue can serve beer/wine for 2EUR per can/glass.


<< Lightning Talk >>

To see the variety of us, we will have speakers as much as possible with "Lightning Talk" style.
In that way, everyone can give a short talk in 5 minutes like lightning!
You don't need past experience.
If you use slides, please bring your laptop or USB memory.

Suggested topic:
- What do you do with WordPress?
- How did you start/learn WordPress?
- Recommended themes/plugins/anything
- Any tips/trick around WordPress

5 faith rules:
All talk should follow our 5 faith rules,

How to apply:
Add a comment on this event. It would be nice if you could write your talk title too!


<< Schedule >>

19:00 Start BBQ
20:00 Meetup Introduction
20:10 Start Lightning talk