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WORKSHOP 8: Digital Literacy and Gender Violence on the Internet

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WORKSHOP 8: Digital Literacy and Gender Violence on the Internet

INSTRUCTORS: Inês Amaral, Patrícia Silveira (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)

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The behaviour of young people has been changed with the use (and social use) of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICTs have allowed the creative and autonomous use of a set of new media that prove to be beneficial, but also bring obvious risks and dangers. In this sense, the development of ICT has contributed to the transfer of Bullying and gender-based violence to the virtual world within the youth. This phenomenon is associated with intentional psychological violence, which involves negative behaviours such as lies, threats, insults, defamation, intimidation, rumours, provocation and social exclusion, among other attitudes.
While a concept that often includes gender violence, Cyberbullying is a type of violence that is practiced through the sending of emails, text messages, the dissemination of offensive photos and videos on social media, manipulation of images, insults in chat rooms or social networks. All of these assaults can be anonymous and cover a huge audience in the shortest possible time. According to Childnet International and the Multidisciplinary Centre for Studies and Guidance on School Bullying, socialization losses and low self-esteem are the most common victims of Cyberbullying, which tend to isolate themselves as a means of protecting. This is why the training of teachers on the risks in cyberspace and how to prevent it is considered imperative.
The workshop "Digital Literacy and Gender Violence on the Internet" is anchored in informal learning using statistical and conceptual information on digital risks, Cyberbullying and gender-based violence on the Internet. "What happens on the Internet is only virtual?" is the challenge that will be addressed in the workshop based on the method of Paulo Freire (1979) that aims to develop the phases of codification, decoding and transforming action.


The workshop is aimed at high school teachers.


- To highlight the problem of gender violence among young people on the Internet among the target population;

- Provide teachers with skills to teach digital rights and risks and how to act in cyberspace against this phenomenon;

- Explaining risk situations on the Internet and provide information about of rights and duties in the digital world;

- Integrate into the pedagogical approach of teachers the theme of gender violence on the Internet, creating strategies and information materials to be disseminated to their students in order to disseminate a multiplier message.


- Didactic materials to be delivered to participants - scientific report "Digital Rights: A Password for the Future" - Autonomous University of Lisbon; reports Women's Rights Online Translating Access into Empowerment e Cyber violence against women and girls; guide to human rights for the internet users - Movement Against Hate; Troll survival guide - Movement Against Hate; official video of the campaign Movement Speech Against Hate;
- Kahoot interactive game;
- Participant's electronic devices (smartphone, tablet or laptop);
- Internet connection.