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Our aim is to help close the gender DevOps gap, by empowering women to create innovative solutions, encourage organisations to retain women into their communities and to promote gender equality. We are a not-for-profit committed to creating an open and inclusive community and inspiring the female DevOps leaders of the future.

Diversity is an action, inclusivity is cultural, and belonging is a sensation. A balanced and diverse workforce drives innovation. Our goal is to inspire, empower and diversify the technology world, one meetup at a time. Whether you’re 10 years deep or a fresh face, we can’t wait to meet you! We are a group that celebrates the achievements of women who have overcome the barriers they face within the tech space. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with tech enthusiasts looking to expand knowledge, socialise and celebrate diversity and inclusion within the technology space. Get involved, engaged and empowered.

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New Age of DevOps

Condé Nast International

Our next Women in DevOps London-based event is taking place on the Conde Nast's snazzy Central London HQ. You can expect an engaging panel discussion and lightning talk, so get your questions at the ready! We will provide complimentary food, drinks and the opportunity to network with other ambitious DevOps leaders. This is an event open to ALL to attend so tell your friends, colleagues and fellow DevOps lovers. The speakers include: Katie Gamanji- Cloud Platform Engineer- Condé Nast Faduma Mohammed- Software Engineer- Condé Nast Jennifer Strejevitch- Software Engineer- Condé Nast Susie Coleman- Software Engineer- BBC Gabrielle Anderson- Senior Site Reliability Engineer- Google Katie Gamanji- Cloud Platform Engineer- Condé Nast Katie is a Cloud Platform Engineer at Condé Nast International. Previously Katie worked on maintaining and automating site delivery on OpenStack based infrastructure, which transitioned into a role with a focus on designing, deploying and evolving a Kubernetes centric infrastructure. Faduma Mohammed- Software Engineer- Condé Nast Faduma is a software engineer at Condé Nast, she recently took a drive on the wild side and rotated into the infrastructure team. Faduma loves coding, comics, and lipstick. Jen Strejevitch- Software Engineer- Condé Nast Jen is a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience. She has worked across the full stack with languages such as Python, C#, and JavaScript among others. Currently, Jen is a Senior Platform Engineer and is building an SRE practice for Condé Nast International. Susie Coleman - Software Engineer- BBC Susie is a Senior Software developer at the BBC. She is part of the GoURMET Project in the BBC News Labs team. The project aims to use and improve neural machine translation for low-resource language pairs and domains and Susie's role is to integrate this translation technology into workflows at the BBC. Prior to that, she was a Software Developer at the Guardian on the Editorial Tools Team. Her goal is to produce high-quality tools to allow editorial teams to report the news as it happens and use the power of the web to find new ways to tell a story. Gabrielle Anderson- Senior Site Reliability Engineer- Google The overarching theme of Gabrielle's career has been how to reason about and reliably build complex distributed systems. She has spent most of her career as an academic, in the theory of distributed systems, and interdisciplinary work with decision theory and economics. Gabrielle has since been working as an SRE at Google for two years, on the Play Store and Android (the largest cloud in the world!), and on Serverless for Google Cloud. In her spare time she enjoys riding horses and motorcycles. #womenindevops #empowerwomen

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