Migrations and Operating Logistics


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In this edition of Forward we’re collaborating with MadScalability to bring you the topic of Migrations and Operating Logistics

*Talk: Operation Exodus*

Sebastian Barrios, CTO at Cabify, will talk to us about the migration of the infrastructure.

Cabify wasn't happy with their infrastructure as they were struggling to meet their SLA guarantees. After a rough week with daily SLA drops and direct impact to customers, they decided to move forward with the migration of the entire underlying services infrastructure. The migration took Cabify barely 3 weeks, and they managed to do it without downtime or any customer impact. Coordinating dozens of teams and individuals, dealing and paying lots of technical debt in the process. This is the story of how they did it.

*Talk: Events, Services and “hives”*

Imanol González, Tech Lead, and Pedro Díaz SRE Lead, will share with us what they have developed at MercadonaTech but is not visible to their users: logistics. Every piece of software that is running in their warehouses (aka _hives_) was developed internally. They decided not to go with multitenant and certain critical services are deployed directly in the hive, also, they didn’t discard running a local instance of Kubernetes within their hives theirselves. If you want to know more about their architecture, how do they manage deployments in more than one warehouse, the why behind some decisions and every step they took to reach this point, we encourage you to come!

PS: they promise to show some numbers about what all this machinery is doing while you sleep!

If you cannot make it, you are lucky, Autentia will record, upload and share the talks right after for your enjoyment. We want to take this opportunity to thank them!