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How to scale up your startup with Joe Haslam

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What happens when your company starts to grow? What scale means for startups? Scaling is one of the hardest stages for startups and not all startups become scale-ups, and that's ok.

In this meetup, Joe Haslam explains the keys and the mistakes that startups make in this phase.

About Joe Haslam

Professor Joe Haslam is the Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business School in Madrid. This is a program for specially designed for small and medium-sized companies that want to scale up. In 1998, Prof Haslam was on the Founding Team of Marrakech, a Dublin based e-procurement company that raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled to over 250 people.

He is the co-founder and Chairman of Hot Hotels, the first company from Spain to be accelerated by the TechStars program in the USA (Boston, Summer 2015). Joe was born in Ireland and has lived in Madrid for the past 15 years.

Listen to his interview in Exo Flux, the digital pioneers podcast👉

The event will be in English.