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Beginner Running Interval Class
• What is it? - This class is for beginner runners. Anyone new to running or who can't run more than 5-10 minutes without stopping. Through interval training we will improve your running ability in a fun group environment. For more advanced runners see our non beginner classes in PB:Running. • Where is it? - We meet at the Simon Bolivar statue in Parque De La Barceloneta. Please click on this link to see the location. • When is it? - Beginner running intervals is new and therefore, to begin with just on once a week. If popular I will put on a 2nd time slot in the week. • Who runs it? - These classes are led by me! My name is Alan Urquhart and I am from bonnie Scotland. I am a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and I have been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. For 13 years I was a runner, taking part in road, hill, cross country, and track, in distances from 1 mile to marathon. I have been involved in Athletics coaching since I was 17. • How much is it? - €7 a class however you can buy unlimited running classes for the month for €20 (or €30 including PB:Training classes). • Anything else? - Before you attend your very first class with me, you will be required to fill out a par-q which you can complete here. • What to bring - It would be advised to bring along a water bottle. Bringing along a digital watch for timing runs and recoveries would be very useful. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothing layers can be left at the start finish line. I can keep valuables such as keys, wallets etc in my backpack.

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Hello and welcome to PB:Training.

Lose weight, get fit and healthy, improve that body, have fun, feel great, and meet other people.

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Our current schedule is;


6:30-7:15pm Beginner Running Intervals


10-10:45am Circuit Training

10:45-11:15am Abs


6:30-7:15pm Circuit Training


10-10:45am Fatburn

10:45-11:15am Abs


11am Bootcamp

We have running classes (see the separate group PB:Running Club ( on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays.

Our sessions take place on Barceloneta Beach or in Parque Barceloneta.

The classes are led by me, Alan, a Level 4 personal trainer from Scotland with 21 years experience in the industry.

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