NoSQL: "Not Only" SQL - a novel approach to handling JSON document-oriented data

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Thinking about skipping the ORM and storing all your JSON data in a NoSQL database? Confused about which one to start with, and wondering if you will miss all the relational functionality and analyics capabilities of your (*insert favorite name here*) SQL database? Why are all the NoSQL databases re-inventing the wheel and starting from scratch - ACID, CAP, concurrency, durability, journaling, backups.. those are all tough goals to achieve in a high-performance environment. Are current RDBMS technology not good enough?

ToroDB is a document oriented, Mongo-compatible, open-source database built on top of PostgreSQL. A new “NoSQL” database that speaks JSON, and uses PostgreSQL as the “storage layer”. ToroDB doesn't use PostgreSQL's fantastic new jsonb type; it instead offers a novel approach storing objects and document-oriented data relationally.

For Node.js developers and MEAN-stack devotees, ToroDB and Postgres brings new potential on scaling out their current projects and adding SQL and GIS functionality.

About the speaker:

Álvaro Hernández Tortosa CTO @ 8Kdata What we do @8Kdata: ✔ Training, consulting and development in PostgreSQL (and Java) ✔ Java training. ( Java Master Course, Java Concurrency Course.

Twitter: @ahachete (


Álvaro is the founder and lead project management and architect for ToroDB, the first database engine created in Spain.

Special Startup Talk

Antonio Pellegrino, everyone knows as pelle, is a developer who is always creating ways to make development easier and faster. Currently his company is in techstars working to make LSQ, a Microservices Platform.

Microservices have a lot of appeal with scaling, polyglotism, and being able to rapid release. But what is involved with building and using microservices is still to most developers unknown, while others have hacked together one-off solutions. LSQ has your back, with ways to get you started with building and managing your services