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Cashflow 101 London: [Rich Dad Poor Dad Board Game]
Join Christian Rodwell [Founder, Escape The Rat Race] and Kel Ezekwe for an evening of educational enjoyment playing Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 board game in the luxurious setting of the Eight Members Club. BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: Cashflow is a game developed by renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. The game it is an interactive tool for financial education, and fulfils the criteria that we ‘learn best by doing’. How Will You Escape The Rat Race? Battle your way out of the Rat Race by acquiring property, stocks, businesses and precious metals. You’re not just playing against each other; you’re playing against the housing market, the stock market and even Mother Nature. CASHFLOW starts you in a typical 9-to-5 job (that’s not the fun part) and takes you on a journey to build up an arsenal of assets that will propel you into the fast track where real wealth is built (the fun part). How can a game make you wealthy? What makes CASHFLOW different from other financial resource games? CASHFLOW not only teaches you how to invest and acquire assets but most importantly how you behave within investing scenarios. You can test out strategies for building wealth you might never try in real life. If you’re a saver, try aggressive investing. If you’re a risk-taker, try slow growth. Win and Learn! The Benefits You Will Get From Playing Cashflow 101 CASHFLOW is game played by teams of players to learn the fundamentals of growing businesses as well as becoming financially free. The game teaches you how to become wealthy and financially free. You will learn new definitions of Assets and Liabilities and their place in a business that will either make it successful or a failure. You will perceive what is good income and bad income, good expenses and bad expenses? You will experience different strategies – yours and others that will uncover your pre-disposed financial style. Whether you are the saving type, the forceful investing, high risk or low risk, fast or steady growth. You will play using a balance sheet to help you understand the way cash flows in a business, and how to use debt for successful growth. Ideally the game is played over and over, until you break up the core conditioning most people learn at home and at school – the conditioning of working hard for money. The game takes learning into an experiential level that will ultimately change your mindset about success and make it much more accessible to you. Put your financial skills to the test and learn how not to be reliant upon a pay cheque, create your own cashflow and escape the rat race.


131 Finsbury Pavement · London

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Members of this group will commit to themselves and to one another to create a plan which will allow them them to 'sack their boss' and escape the rat race...FAST!

By reaching this point we will be in a position to no longer have to rely on working for money, as money will begin working for us. “Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” - Jim Rohn

The members of this group will all be at different stages of their personal 'journey', and therefore no matter what stage you are at yourself, you will always have someone for reassurance when you need it, and someone for whom you can provide motivation and support.

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“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.' ― Wallace D. Wattles

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