Developer Event: Learn Ethereum and mini-hackathon: Event 001

Ethereum London
Ethereum London
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FULLY BOOKED - Don't worry, we're organizing more!

This is a developer-only event.

Do you like the bleeding edge? Do you dream in statically typed languages? Do you want to be able to tell your children "I was there" when they watch videos of Ethereum circa 2014?

Then please RSVP to register your interest in attending a developer-specific event, focused on learning how to program smart contracts in Mutan ( Leading the group will be one of our Core Developers.

This event will be provided free of charge. Attendance is limited to 14 for now. Complimentary food and drinks will be provided as long as you like pizza and, erm, pizza.

We expect it to last a whole day, with 1/2 dedicated to learn everything about Ethereum, smart contracts and their decentralized GUIs, followed by a mini hackathon until sundown.

Level of skills required is fairly high as Ethereum is currently rapidly iterating over its software. Some pre-reading materials might become available between now and then but don't count on it. Ideal background would be 2+ years of GoLang development, although anyone who can fluently program in C, C++ or Java should feel relatively at home, too.

We reserve the right to refuse entry and will validate the guest list to make sure everyone has a good time with peers of the same skill level. Everyone who RSVPs will be contacted via Skype to coordinate the event.


Once again, the venue and date is secured thanks to the amazing people at the The Escalator ( ). Their twitter handle is @LondonEscalator (

Once you are at the address (you can't miss it, it's a huge building!), enter the Cafe to the left of the big dog mural and make your way upstairs. There will be Ethereum signs, but not necessarily staff to welcome you as it's a Saturday.

Here's a link to handy map:

By Tube: Stop in WhiteChapel or Stepney Green, it's a 7 minute walk.

By Bus: 25, 205 and N205 all stop nearby.