#3 Building a Toy Version of Etherscan in an Hour

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千代田区九段南1-5-6りそな九段ビル5F · Tokyo

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It is the upper floor of "RESONA BANK" / There are some find our "SIGN BOAD" near the Bldg. / The closest station from "KUDANSHITA-Sta." https://goo.gl/Pl7xaN

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Etherscan(https://etherscan.io) among other block explorers is one of the important pieces of a blockchain application that allows us to analyze the data in the blockchain. In this workshop, we will welcome Jeff Wentworth of Curvegrid to build a toy version of Etherscan.
The programming language used will be Go (https://golang.org/), with a small amount of HTML and Solidity. However, those familiar with other C-like languages should be able to follow along.
If you like, you can familiarize yourself with Go and a couple of key blockchain concepts ahead of time:
- A Tour of Go (English: https://tour.golang.org/welcome/1) (日本語:https://go-tour-jp.appspot.com/welcome/1)
- ERC-20 crypto token standard (https://theethereum.wiki/w/index.php/ERC20_Token_Standard)
- Ethereum transaction events, English option: Technical Introduction to Events and Logs in Ethereum (https://media.consensys.net/technical-introduction-to-events-and-logs-in-ethereum-a074d65dd61e)
- Ethereum transaction events, 日本語: https://qiita.com/blueplanet/items/460f562235019a1bb07d
*Beware that this is the hands on programming event. Bring your laptop with you. You will have the free access to our Wi-Fi at the venue.

19:00 Doors Open
19:30 Building a Toy Version of Etherscan in an Hour by Jeff Wentworth
21:00 Networking----Beer& Pizza!
22:00 End

Speaker: Jeff Wentworth, Co-founder of Curvegrid
Jeff Wentworth is a Co-Founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain tooling startup based in Tokyo, Japan. Curvegrid is building a blockchain application server that provides all the critical infrastructure you need to build a DApp on one or more blockchain platforms, so you can focus on crafting your vision.

// Windows prereq instructions
- [Cygwin](https://cygwin.com/install.html)
- [git](https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Getting-Started-Installing-Git)
- [Go](https://golang.org/doc/install#windows)
- [go-ethereum](https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/Installation-instructions-for-Windows)

// Mac prereq instructions
- [Homebrew](https://brew.sh/)
- [git](https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Getting-Started-Installing-Git)
- [Go](https://golang.org/doc/install#tarball)
- [go-ethereum](https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/Installation-Instructions-for-Mac)

This event will be primarily in English.

1000JPY cash only

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