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Post Ground Hog Day Euchre

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Well, with the Ground Hog Holiday behind us... the February Blahs will start setting in...what better way to kick those February Blahs than with a friendly game of Euchre??

If you are like me you will need a break from the hectic Ground Hog Day shopping season and Ground Hog Day Holiday parties that forces you to be with extended family and friends that you really don't want to be with...and you just thank your lucky stars that Ground Hog Day only comes once a year!!! Time to take down the Ground Hog Day lights, no more neighbors knocking at your door singing Ground Hog Day least for another year....

We will be meeting in the Worls Famous Witherspoon Lounge located inside the Bowling Alley.


  • Christina

    Is anyone else up for going to Brenda's TGIF after Euchre to show support for Brenda and JR? They are being auctioned off at 10:00. Kudos, Brenda and JR - very admirable!

    8 years ago
  • Jenny S.

    it's just too bad....we need one more person!!!

    8 years ago