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Are you a Euchre lover? Perhaps a Midwest transplant? Were you shocked to discover not many people in DC know how to play Euchre? Do you usually only get to play Euchre when family is visiting or when you go visit them? Do you simply enjoy playing cards and meeting new people? If so, this Meetup Group is for you!!

We welcome all skill levels of play and strive to be a fun inclusive group. We play at various locations around the city.

Playing Guidelines:
· Initial deal decided by "1st Black Jack"
· Cards are dealt in clockwise order
· Person to the left of the dealer starts play
· No Deal Stealing
· No Partners Best, Farmers Hands or 9’s & 10s
· Stick the dealer
· Players rotate, we don’t have partners stay together

Bidding Team wins 3 or 4 tricks = 1pt
Bidding Team Wins 5 tricks = 2pts
Going alone and wins 3 or 4 tricks = 1pt
Going alone and wins 5 tricks = 4pts
Euchred: Non-bidding team wins 3 or more tricks = 2pts

Past events (328)

12/4 Euchre @Franklin Hall

Needs a location

Euchre @Brookland Pint

Brookland Pint

Euchre at Matchbox


10/14 Euchre at Bullfeathers



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