What we're about

Makers gonna make. But we're also gonna build relationships, find resources, and sell our work.

This Meetup is part of a maker ecosystem that includes the Meetup, a dedicated Social Networking Site, an E-Commerce Site, and a Shop in Downtown Wichita.

We're here to help.

We can help you find others in the maker universe. People who can sell you the parts you need for a project. Fellow makers. Buyers who like to shop locally for unique, independent products, and more.

We can help you promote your work, showing it in person and online, and handle payment in person and online.

Most importantly, we can help you build community with other makers and enthusiasts, even if they're from another makerspace. You know, the one that's on the wrong side of I-135. Or the one that lives in your garage.

We know you're curious. Go ahead, come to a meetup and check us out!

~ Matt

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