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Anytime groups of people come together for a cause, movement, or purpose, much can be accomplish, if the right tools, leadership style, and plan of actions are present. Collectively we can reach, service, and prosper from the world through our Houston based Meetup group. As organizer and lead advocate for the advancement of entrepreneurship, I believe we must charter new entrepreneurial waters!

No longer can we just meet up, pass out business cards, and try to sell to each other.

We must actively avoid distracting hyped up themes such as social media, business planning, corporate leadership, and minority diversity training.

Everyone must begin to take note of the disparity between the “Haves” and the “Have-less” – moreover, consciously accept the fact that most of the people advocating, coaching, counseling, teaching, connecting, empowering, legislating, training, grouping, motivating, advising, or anything else having to do with “helping” business-minded people are working from the “Have-less” mindset. Even with their impressive sounding post-graduate degrees, professional accreditation, or years of government, corporate, and small business experience.

My goal for this group is for us to be the World Lead “Think then Do” Meetup group. The methods are simple and old fashion:

Find those with ample access to resources that have defined needs.

Leverage the members of our group to develop and implement solutions for those with ample access.

Accumulate the resources earned from offering our talents to the open markets then acquire high value resources as a group.

Please join the movement:

The economic value of your network determines your potential business wealth

Based on who you serve influences your access to capital, personnel and equipment.

Passion should be reserved for play. Business should be your investment – not your baby!

Our great Houston, larger than life state of Texas, and Capitalist country of the United States, provides unlimited opportunity both domestic and abroad. However, you must fight the temptation of following promises of easy money, grand lifestyles, and pre-packaged business opportunities. When we meet will see the opportunities, plan the actions, and work to implement our strategies for success and prosperity. - Jonyprofit

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Microsoft Store in the Galleria

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