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I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to find home grown, NYC pizza here. The closest I came upon was Brooklyn Pizza in San Diego. They fly their water in from NYC and it seems to make a difference. My hubby and I came up with an alternative. We get our dough from Trader Joes. We roll it out ourselves. Make our own sauce, add our toppings etc. They big key is a hot oven. We heat our oven to 500 degrees and then bake the pizza for 11 minutes. We also have a pizza stone that we put in the grill and we can get that temp to almost 700 degrees. Want to talk about authentic? Really, really good. I would not be opposed to having a lesson at my home. I live in Oceanside. My hubby brews his own beer and we have a great pool. Would love to meet some of you.

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Meet with former metropolitan New Yorkers, who are now living in the greater San Diego area and would like to meet familiar, like minded people, for good conversation, great food and drink, and tons of fun. I know we all love San Diego, but each of us has little things we miss about New York. Some list include good bagels, pizza, Italian food, a good deli with sandwiches that actually have meat on them (as opposed to a salad on bread,) decent public transportation, 24 hr diners, culture, good drivers, friendly cabbies, stimulating conversation, opinionated people, sarcasm, loyal sports fans, reliable people, sincerity... I've continually heard East-coasters say how much they love San Diego's climate, physical beauty, and year-round outdoor accessibility. They claim it would be perfect if only they could bring their hometown friends out here. I understand that sentiment, and am trying to do the next best thing by starting this group. We may not be friends yet, but we all have many things in common including missing New York and New Yorkers.

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