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This is for all those who were in international clubs in college and have been wandering without a home ever since!!  We also welcome ex-pats, overseas professionals, and overseas students & grad students.  Whether you're originally from another country or American-born with a global vision we welcome you to meet for fun events in Philadelphia.  

My name is David, I love to travel, but I also enjoy meeting "global friends" at our local events in Philly.  Join us to make friends, enjoy fun events, and to experience culture sharing with people from all over the world.

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Quizzo at Ladder 15 every Tuesday

Needs a location

Friends - remember when a bunch of us would stay to play Quizzo when we'd got to Happy Hours at Tavern on Broad? Fun times! I've been looking for a new Quizzo spot for us. Last night (Nov 2nd) a bunch of had a great time at Ladder 15's first Quizzo Night, so lets go back & make this a regular Tuesday thing! Whether its your first MeetUp or your 100th, Ladder 15 will hold a bunch of tables for us & we'll split up into teams at those tables. Its great way to meet new people, have some food & drinks, plus test your trivia knowledge!

Our MeetUp friend Andy will be hosting / co-hosting this event with me. This is a FREE MeetUp to attend, and there is no cost (also FREE) to play Quizzo.

I think there will also be some food & drink specials, and I'll update this with more details as Andy & I find out. Still, can't wait, Ladder 15 should be a terrific new spot for us for Quizzo!

see you there,
David & Andy

Wednesday Happy Hour at TIME at 1315 Sansom Street

Needs a location

Who Wouldn't Enjoy a Drink with Friends After Work on a Wednesday?
...or just come to eat & socialize, that's OK too!

Join us on Wednesday at one of our favorite spots, TIME at 1315 Sansom Street. Look for us in the Whiskey Bar room on the first floor. TIME has both discounted drinks & bar food during Happy Hour, great for snacking or turning into dinner!

Although we are a large group & we meet in the Whiskey Bar room, if you feel the need to better socially distance, members are welcome to move into the much larger room on the first floor which is also where the live music is.

Even though we initially gather in the Whiskey Bar room, later in the evening their will be live music in the main first floor dining room, and its totally OK to wander into that room to enjoy the music, which is free.

see you there,

...if you'd like to stay in touch with members of MeetUp on Facebook, you are welcome to join any of our Facebook groups geared to Philly area MeetUp members. Here are the links:

Philly Social Adventures

Adventurous Foodies Philadelphia

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Board Game World

Online Catan (Catan Universe) every Thursday at 7pm

Needs a location

Since the reopening post Covid, we now have moved our large weekly Monday Board Games Night back to an in-person Event -- its every Monday at The Bourse (see our Events for more details). However, one of the rare upsides of the Covid lock-down was the enjoyment we had playing online board games using our Discord to talk/chat while playing! So let's keep it going!

We will be hosting an every Thursday online Catan group, using the Catan Universe platform to play, and we'll meet on Discord at 7pm to talk while playing. Part of the beauty of this is that you don't have to live in Philly to join us, the internet connects us all. Plus, as we head into colder months, it may seem easier to simply have fun & socialize with the group from the comfort of your own home.

Discord chat link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP

Zach has expanded our Discord Chat Rooms to be able to accommodate 15 people each, so large group & team games can be played. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP

Using Discord has been terrific so far, allowing us to live chat & socialize while we've been playing.

please leave comments & questions below.
see you online!


Needs a location



Come watch the Champions League final with us at Founding Fathers Sports Bar & Grill. (1612 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146)

Arrival by 2 PM is STRONGLY recommended.

Please leave your comments below.

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