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Weekly Oneness Blessing In Manhattan
The Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that encompasses the universal intelligence changing the physical brain and awakening a human being into permanent oneness over time. The Oneness Blessing facilitates the rising of kundalini energy and clearing of all the energy centers in the body shifting the person into a higher state of consciousness until they permanently move into Oneness. Benefits of Oneness Blessing: • Balancing of Chakras (Energy centers) • Facilitates healing of hurts and deep life traumas by providing energy needed to experience them completely • Promotes physical healing in the body • Quiets the mind and induces an inner silence • Frees Kundalini energy to flow freely in the body so you can experience oneness • People have been healed of addictions • Awaken the divine inside your heart • Heals and improve all relationships • Heals and awaken your heart • Removes blocks so wealth can flow into your life • Ultimately moves you into a state of oneness with the divine/universe • Eradicates negative patterns and blocks • Deepens your connection to the divine

NYU Kimball Hall

246 Greene St · New York, NY