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EXPERTALKS: Oct 2013 - Fire it up with Ember

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You've gotta love JavaScript !!!.

No other technology out there can boast of such a rich and evolving library of frameworks. The world of jQuery, Backbone, Node, Handlebars, Angular, Meteor & so on.. is quite simply, fascinating.

EXPERTALKS: Oct 2013 focuses on one such marvel; Ember.

Ember.js is a remarkably sleek JavaScript MVC framework used for creating scalable single page applications. It has been specifically built to tackle issues such as data-binding, event routing and state management all in one package.



Ember, its features and strengths.

Building applications with Ember.



Within 2 hours, we will build a full blown web application from scratch using Ember.js ! Surprised ?... Welcome to Ember... :-)



Come armed with your favourite text editor (preferably Sublime Text 2 / 3) on your laptop.

A basic knowledge of JavaScript (...and optionally, Bootstrap...)


PRESENTER: Abhimanyu Chakravarty (