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Anay Kamat and Swapnil Narkhede from Equal Experts would be presenting on "TDD in Android"

TDD has always been a preferred method in Agile Software Development to drive design and refactoring.

However, for the most part, only way TDD can be achieved in Android Development is by doing it on Presenter. This while providing coverage over most of the business logic does not help much to guide the development of UI and it's interactions.

In this session, we would be looking at:
1) Android architecture (Not MVP or MVVM) that can be used to drive entire android development through TDD.
2) Use of RxJava/RxKotlin to reduce code clutter and mutable code
3) A quick look at simple but real app development using TDD

We would love to hear about your experience on Agile Mobile App development Delivery as well.

Coffee and snacks would be at Equal Experts!!

Team-Equal Experts