Go vs Java: Can the new kid on the block challenge the enterprise tank?

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Christian Hujer will be sharing his experience regarding Java and Go projects. We're comparing Golang 1.12 and Java 12 (yes, you read it right! JAVA 12!) with respect to various types of projects, ranging from small command-line utilities to enterprise services.

Topics that will be covered:
• Error handling
• Tags/Annotations
• Documentation
• HTTP client and server
• Entity/View/Model mapping (BSON, JSON, XML, YAML)
• Enterprise XML (DOM, XSLT, SOAP)
• Build times, turn-around times
• Testing, Code Coverage, TDD, BDD, Selenium
• Idiomatic Go vs Idiomatic Java
• What Go and Java can learn from each other
• Miscellaneous

Spoiler Alert! There is no clear winner in this battle. Whether Go or Java is the better choice depends on the situation. However, this talk may help you with decision-making for new projects to understand the pros and cons in various situations.

Speaker info:
Christian Hujer, a seasoned developer with ~35 years of experience, founder of Nelkinda Software Craft and associated with Equal Experts since 3 years, carries a tremendous experience in software development and software craftspersonship. He is a polyglot (Prolog to Java), frameworks and development environments (from smart card to server). He is keen at following the best coding and software development process related practices for example XP, Clean Code practices, TDD. He always strives for better software and a better environment

We will be serving snacks during the event.