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Expert Talks is an initiative which is organised by Equal Experts to bring together the community of practitioners from across the industry. It started as a humble meet-up group in Pune, which is now a strong community of 7500+ members. Through these, we organised meet-ups once a month. The idea of this confabulation is to give a forum for people to come forth and share their experiences, insights, and opinions. The success of this encouraged us to take it to the next level and explore other geographies.

Equal Experts is an organisation of like-minded individuals from across the globe who make software. Where make means build, deliver, manage and evolve. We believe in “walking the walk”. We’re not just making better software. We’re making the making of software, better.
We’ve been around for 12 years and in India for the last decade. Currently, we’ve 8 offices spread across 5 continents.

For the time we’d like you to spend with us in Chennai, we would be starting off with the following talks -
Sathish Mandapaka, an architect with Equal Experts, a practitioner who is a functional programming enthusiast, with Pragmatic Functional Programming
Ashish Nanotkar, a practitioner from the DevOps field, well known in Pune for his talks and workshops, with “Serverless with Kubernetes.