Continuous Delivery


Phil Parker from EE UK will be taking a talk on Continuous Delivery with no mention of Continuous Integration, virtually nothing on Deployment Pipelines and a real effort not to mention DevOps (people, teams or mindset!)

This is a lot about Organisations and Domains (a definition of the latter will be forthcoming), but mostly it’s about People…

Continuous Delivery requires “a close, collaborative working relationship between everyone involved in delivery” - but most organisations don’t structure teams (or software) to achieve this.

Conway’s Law is frequently referenced; but what are the communications structures of our organisations and how should they best serve the systems we design?

The talk shares the experience of helping big organisations - with multi-product landscapes and lots of “heritage” software - move slowly towards agility and continuous delivery.

How domains are defined (their responsibilities and boundaries) and what should cause them to change are some of the most important decisions for managing the flow of value through your organisation.

This talk is suitable for anyone involved with software delivery that thinks maybe, just maybe, the organisations they work with are not achieving flow quite as well as they could.

Those who have attended Phil parker's talk on "Real World Agile" during our ExpertTalks 2016 conference, this talk promises to be an exciting one too!