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We've changed things from a review night to a UX Portfolio Workshop!!

Why do you need a UX portfolio?
Maybe you're currently looking for a new job, contract work, or are trying to transition into a UX career. A UX portfolio reflects your skills and abilities to conduct UX activities and create UX deliverables. Even if you're not looking for your next career opportunity, having a portfolio is a great way to show that you've established your UX career, especially if you're a blogger, Twitter junkie, or thought leader.

What's different about a UX portfolio?
Much of the UX work we do isn't always evident in the finished product/project. We do a lot of research, sketching, iterating, thinking, and refining. It's a process and it's important to show our abilities to do so. Assembling a UX portfolio isn't as easy as taking a few screenshots or showing snippets of code, so this workshop is here to help get you started.

About the workshop
Space is limited to 25 participants. In the workshop, you’ll learn:

• What to put in your UX portfolio
• How to figure out what (of your stuff) to include
• How to add what you’re missing
• What tools and resources to use in building it
• What’s a good (and bad) portfolio

And lastly, you’ll get to meet 24 other UXers, who could be a great resource as you create your UX portfolio. (Think networking in the fun summer camp way and not the awkward speed dating way.)

This workshop will be led by Michelle Chin and have three facilitators, who will all help you get a leg up on creating your UX portfolio.

Who is this workshop for?
Any transitioning or current UXer that needs to create or revamp their portfolio. This is not an event for non-UXers that need portfolios or recruiters (give us a few months to show off our portfolios at an actual review night).

During this workshop we'll work in small discussion groups so people can get the most out of this evening.

It's free! (If you're feeling compelled, I like cookies.)

6:30 - 7:00 - Check-in, drinks, snacks
7:00 - 9:00 - Portfolio workshop

We're metro accessible! Rock Creek Strategic Marketing is right off of the red line. Take the red line to Friendship Heights and exit at the Western Ave. side. At the top of the escalator you'll be at this atrium with lots of entrances, walk straight toward the Western Ave. exit. Once above ground, take the escalators on the right and walk across the patio. We're on the 10th floor.

We're at 2 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, MD. The parking garage in the building offers $3 parking after 5pm. We’re on the 10th floor.

• Rock Creek Strategic Marketing - venue, snacks, and tasty beverages
• If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Michelle.