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Mixed Reality game design and coding and create your augmented reality exhibit.

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For this first meetup of the year we will have two great talks and demos with AR Glasses.

In the first talk Bart will share his experience in building mixed reality games with the HoloLens for the second talk Philippe Lewicki will share how any one without programing can create his own Mixed Reality exhibit using the HoloLens.

First talk from Bart

Title: Taking Learning and Play to the Next Level: Education and Gaming in Mixed Reality

Mixed reality will have a transformative impact on both education and gaming, providing new ways to visualize, interact, and play. But it also poses unique challenges for both designers and developers -- and where there are challenges to overcome, there are opportunities. Bart Trzynadlowski will demonstrate both a language education game and an action game, discussing in detail lessons learned and thoughts conceived after one year of experimentation with the HoloLens.

Speaker Bio:

Bart Trzynadlowski has been programming since the 6th grade, holds a PhD in electrical engineering, and presently works as a developer in high-frequency trading. He is interested in consumer applications of mixed reality, especially gaming and education. Most of his spare time since June 2016 has been spent experimenting with his HoloLens, leading to rumors that the device has been surgically affixed to his head and that he is in fact a cyborg. These can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Second talk by Philippe Lewicki
In 30 min Philippe Lewicki will demonstrate, step by step how any one can create an augmented reality (mixed reality) exhibit or showroom experience.
He will use AfterNow Prez a tool to create and display augmented reality presentations. We will cover use cases like art exhibit, guided tour, process flow training, showrooms and products augmentations.
By merging reality and virtuality in our physical space we can tap on new techniques of communications and training. This talk is a simple step by step tutorial on how to get started in using augmented reality to explore and learn in exhibits and showrooms.

Second speaker bio:
Philippe began his career in the server infrastructure and databases realm. In 2007, as CTO of YogaGlo, he built from scratch the first high-definition multi device video streaming platform. After shifting his attention towards augmented reality, in 2015 he created AfterNow, a studio dedicated to mixed reality experiences and practical applications. AfterNow has received an Auggie award for its VRLA Mixed Reality easter egg hunt project, and Philippe has been recognized by Variety as one of the ten AR/VR professionals to watch. Philippe speaks at AR/VR conferences all over the world about the future of AR and how to create the best user experiences in this new medium.


Holokit is an Open Source project of a cardboard like augmented reality device.
Its far from being as good as the Mira Prism but we believe it own its place in the space of affordable augmented reality glasses since its 6dof with ARKit/ARCore support and the optical quality is decent.

AfterNow Prez, check our simple art exhibit & tour at PhaseTwo