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Have you noticed that the majority of items in your household are likely to have been manufactured in China? Exporting goods from China to distribute in sell in North America has always been a big business and now, with the advent of e-commerce sites like Amazon and Shopify, there are many more channels available to distribute goods beyond the traditional offline retail channels.

Why do people get involved in sourcing and exporting from China? Well, consider this scenario: suppose you work 80 hours/week and are paid $100/hour, in one year you’d make about $400,000. Many successful exporters are making millions of dollars of sales per year. The opportunities to scale are very good.

This group is for people who are interested in getting involved in sourcing and export products from China to get together to discuss how to do it. We can offer advice, share stories, and even collaborate and help each other on projects.

A secondary topic for this group is on how to sell your products in North America, covering e-commerce to finding or setting up distributors.

Just to be clear, this group is about the business of sourcing and exporting goods from China to North America. There is nothing actually being sold in the group and there is no cost to attend the events.

Welcome to the group and we look forward to your success.

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