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You just hiked (or ran) 20 long miles in 90-degree weather and ran out of water.

You just climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building twice(!) on your way to 25,000 total steps because someone put a bunch of mountains on your trail.

After carrying 50 pounds of food and gear up a mountain, you set up camp just in time for the sky to open up and dump FML-type rain on you for 3 straight hours.

No matter how often things go from "Piece of cake!" to "WTF was I thinking?!", you can't help wanting to do it again. While some of your friends be like, "You crazy...", you're thinking, "You just don't get it..."

Welcome to Outerthere!

Outerthere is a community for awesome, city kids like you who are all about that #adventure life. Who have an open mind about trying new things and meeting new people. Always ready-to-go and are probably on first-name basis with your physical therapist. Outerthere is a media company and our content is for you, to inspire you, to spotlight your epic accomplishments, and to make you feel good going into your week or weekend. Want to come out on a trip, check out the calendar (http://www.outerthere.com/out/). Want to host a trip (http://www.outerthere.com/host/) or more? Ain't ready to come out, but believe in the vision? Shop our Gear Shop (http://www.outerthere.com/gearshop) or support Outerthere on GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/support-outerthere). And of course, sign up (http://www.outerthere.com/sign-up/) and follow us everywhere.


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