Saturday Workshop: Programmable Shape-Memory Alloys

Hosted by Fab Lab Baltimore

Public group

This is a past event

6 people went


Open to the public- must RSVP here (

$65 (please bring your checkbook)

Shape-memory alloys are used in a variety of fields from robotics, to biomedical engineering, to art and design. They are a great way to add movement to your projects, and are relatively compact, low-cost, quiet, and lightweight compared to other types of actuators.

In this workshop, we will be using pre-trained “muscle wire” that contracts via electrical output from a microcontroller and custom-built driver circuit. We will attach the wires to various paper structures and customize some pre-written code to experiment with movement.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to take your project home and customize it!

You will need to bring the following supplies to the workshop:

-Arduino Uno Board + power supply

We will provide:

-SMA wire

-Supplies for building the driver circuit

-Arduino code

-Pre-laser-cut paper shapes

Hope to see you there!