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What we’re about

What is This Group About:
This group is for anyone who had enough of the negative thinking and repeatedly occurring life patterns. If you want to change your family dynamics, relationships with your parents, grandparents, your siblings or your own children. If you want to live in a harmonious relationship with yourself and your partner this your place.
What to Expect:
In this group we all gain a better understanding on our Family system is shaped by power events such as the relationship history of the parents and grandparents, early death of children, miscarriages, abortions, adoptions, suicides, mental illness, incest, betrayal, cheating, trust, secrets, abuse, wars, having to leave one’s country, changing one’s religion, ancestors who were victims or perpetrators.

Through being born into a family, we inherit not only our biological genes but also our belief systems and behaviour patterns. Our family is an energy field within which we are held, each in our unique position, from the time we were born. This family energy field limits or enhances our capacity for happiness, freedom of choice, success in accomplishing our goals, ability to maintain enjoyable relationships, health, and well-being. We may feel that we have been held in a pattern of problems for eternity, but Family Constellation offers us a chance to understand these patterns at the deepest level. They enable us to bring our pattern to resolution and thus find peace and happiness.
What We Will Learn:
The essence of working with Family constellation is ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IS. We can heal our family system. We are empowered through understanding the mechanisms to control our behaviour so as not to cause self-distractions and suffering to the following generation.
Come and join us, be part of the group.
If you have any questions send me a message:
​New members are welcome.

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